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February 04, 2021

Pivotel and Global Rescue to Provide Satellite-enabled Rescue and Telehealth Services

Global Rescue graphic pivotel 2021 PRWeb.001Pivotel has partnered with Global Rescue to keep satphone users connected with safety, security, and telehealth services via a satellite phone, including a private rescue service.


HOLLYWOOD, FL February 2, 2021 – Pivotel, the fast-growing satellite and cellular communications company, today announced a new partnership with Global Rescue, the world’s only integrated travel risk and crisis response provider, offering emergency medical, security protection and evacuation services via satellite phone. Pivotel satellite phone users who enroll with Global Rescue can now:

  • Obtain emergency field rescue and evacuation from the point of illness or injury to the nearest appropriate health care facility
  • Get immediate access to advisory services including assistance managing local health care systems, visa and passport issues, translation, legal referrals, detailed destination reports and real-time event alerts
  • Acquire security evacuation protection in the event of natural disasters, a terrorist attack, a government-ordered evacuation, or civil unrest
  • Get 24/7/365 access to world-class medical experts for real-time video consultations and treatment


“Satellite phone users do the world’s most dangerous jobs and sports, and they do them away from any other communications. They rely on satphones for emergency services, but until now customers have accessed public resources whose quality and type of response can vary dramatically around the world,” said Robert Sakker, President, Pivotel America and Europe. “Global Rescue operations centers are staffed by experienced nurses, paramedics, and military special operations veterans, ensuring reliable help when injured, in danger, or just needing medical or security advice.”


Global Rescue pioneered worldwide field rescue from the point of injury or illness. With operations centers in five locations worldwide, Global Rescue will send help if you are unable to get to a hospital and are in urgent need of care. If you are a member and have to be hospitalized, and you are far from home, they can transport you to the nearest center of excellence or back home to your hospital of choice.


Global Rescue’s travel protection services include: destination reports for 215 countries and principalities worldwide including entry requirements and compulsory immunizations; visa and passport assistance; translation support in 190 languages; and legal service referrals in 160 countries.


In addition to providing a comprehensive range of satellite equipment and services, Pivotel is making Global Rescue Travel, Safety and Telehealth services available to any approved traveller via its website at


"The combination of Pivotel’s satellite communications products and Global Rescue’s traveler protection services provides a lifeline for people who need continual access to emergency services, or to stay in touch in remote regions without cellular coverage,” said Global Rescue CEO Dan Richards.


About Pivotel – Connected Everywhere

Pivotel provides unrivalled expertise in satellite and remote communications, keeping people connected who live, work, or travel outside of mobile cellular coverage. Pivotel serves customers with over 110,000 global satellite-based services from offices across Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe and Indonesia. All of Pivotel’s customer touchpoints are local, supported by an experienced network of engineers, application developers, customer care agents and over 400 dealers and partners.


Pivotel is Australian owned and operated with global operations. Pivotel maintains a mobile carrier licence in Australia, operates a globally interconnected ground infrastructure, and is licenced to provide retail telecommunications services in the USA, South America and New Zealand. It is the only Australian carrier with direct connection to the world’s four major mobile satellite networks: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar. The company’s suite of satellite and mobile technologies enable remote connectivity via satellite phones, satellite broadband, personnel and asset trackers, IOT, machine-to-machine connections and marine satellite communications. Pivotel Group’s 4G mobile network, ecoSphere®, extends its carrier network to deliver complementary terrestrial wireless services to rural and remote Australians operating outside the coverage footprint of the major mobile networks.


For more information on how Pivotel is keeping you connected through satellite communications visit 


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