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August 28, 2015

IsatHub iSavi Airtime Plans: Brand New and Smoking Hot!

Inmarsat IsatHub iSaviInmarsat's IsatHub service launched early this year and offers terrestrial users fantastic data rates and bandwidth for staying connected far off the grid.

The IsatHub iSavi by AddValue is the first terminal designed for use with IsatHub service and we couldn't be more thrilled with the device. Setup is easy, the apps are great, and the voice quality is fantastic.

Did we mention the airtime? IsatHub airtime is around $4 a MB. At this price (50% less expensive than BGAN) having a data-rich experience over mobile satellite is possible and can be affordable. As with any satellite device, we recommend having controls in place to manage data consumption and access to your iSavi.

Spoiler alert: our IsatHub airtime plans work best with Optimizer Voice. Optimizer Voice provides a firewall to block unwanted airtime consumption, optimization to speed up your connection, the option of using RedPort VoIP service to make inexpensive VoIP calls anywhere on the planet.

IsatHub Postpaid Airtime

IsatHub Postpaid AirtimeWe currently offer one postpaid IsatHub airtime option. It's as bare-bones as you can get: for $29 a month, you have access on your iSavi and any and all usage on the device is billed as you go. Data is $4 a MB. Traditional satellite voice calls are $0.75 per minute, and SMS is $0.50 each.

The Takeaway: IsatHub postpaid airtime is a affordable "pay as you go" option for IsatHub users, but keep in mind that there is a 12 month contract. Seasonal and short term users may find prepaid a better option for their needs.

See IsatHub Postpaid options here.

IsatHub Prepaid Airtime

IsatHub Prepaid AirtimeIsatHub prepaid airtime is a flexible option to fit your exact airtime needs. With IsatHub prepaid airtime you choose the amount of data you want (5, 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 MB) and the validity period (1, 3, 6, or 12 months). While prepaid airtime is for data use only, you can do affordable VoIP calling (which consumes your data) if you use Optimizer Voice with your iSavi.

IsatHub prepaid airtime does not rollover. If you add more data to your SIM card, any remaining data on your SIM will be erased when you add the new airtime.

See IsatHub Prepaid Airtime options here.

The Optimizer Voice Solution for iSavi

RedPort Optimizer VoiceWhen used with the Optimizer Voice satellite router and your iSavi, RedPort VoIP service gives you the ability to make prepaid calls over your iSavi. Optimized for satellite, you get 15 minutes of talk time per MB, plus low per-minute VoIP rates to the world’s most commonly called destinations.

Combining RedPort VoIP's data consumption with the termination rate gives you an effective per-minute rate of around $0.57 per minute of talk time. Outbound calls are a standard feature of RedPort VoIP service. If you would like to be assigned a specific phone number, you can enable inbound calling on your account for $30 per month.

Compare RedPort Voice VoIP rates to services like Skype and the difference is incredible. With Skype you would get less than 1 minute of calling time per MB, with RedPort Voice you get up to 15 minutes of voice time per MB.

1 Minute of Voice Calling Using Skype over an iSavi: $4 per minute or more
1 Minute of Voice Calling Using RedPort VoIP and Optimizer Voice with an iSavi: $0.57 per minute*

*Standard PTSN to hundreds of the world’s most common destinations. Other destinations may incur an additional per-minute fee.

Hardware needed: Optimizer Voice and iSavi

Service needed: RedPort Voice service and IsatHub prepaid or postpaid airtime

IsatHub and VoiP: One Plan for Both Voice and Data

When enabling RedPort Voice service on your IsatHub airtime, you consume all your airtime out of the same “pot” of airtime. For example, using 60 minutes of voice calls would consume 4 MB of your prepaid data. Keep this in mind if you start getting low on data: you won’t be able to make any voice minutes if you get too low on data.

iSavi - Affordable Terrestrial Communication Off The Grid

Given the affordable price of the iSavi terminal itself (at the time of writing, $1,329) and some of the lowest satellite airtime rates in the market, iSavi is an excellent choice for mobile satellite users off the beaten track. When used in tandem with Optimizer Voice, iSavi offers affordable satellite Internet connectivity with practical cost control measures to help avoid "bill shock" airtime bills.

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