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August 22, 2011

Cruising World Magazine lauds XGate and Global Marine Networks

Cruising World Magazine Recommends Global Marine Networks' XGate software for satellite phone email, web, blogging

We're blushing after another great mention from our friends at Cruising World Magazine. In the print edition of the publication, Editor Mark Pillsbury says:

"The other key piece to the data upload and download puzzle came from Global Marine Networks, a company that provides soup-to-nuts satellite-communications products. Its XGate software let me find and download GRIB files, and I could send and receive emails. Better yet, the blogging module made filling daily reports a breeze, including highly compressed photos sent via sat phone. The company's products, coupled with very patient customer-service and help desk assistance, were invaluable when it came to keeping in touch with friends, family, work, and readers for the 16 days away. I'm sure ?you could piece together all the various bits, but having tried in vain to do so on my own for several nights, I'd say don't bother to reinvent that particular wheel - GMN has done the work for you."Satellite phone email, web, GRIB files and blogging

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