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January 29, 2014

RedPort Launches Optimizer Crew Satellite Broadband WiFi Router

Affordable router for satellite broadband and GSM data service saves money via compression, PIN codes and accelerated data services.

Optimizer Crew Satellite Broadband Internet ControlMaryville, TN - January 29, 2014

RedPort Global, the leader in advancing satellite data speeds and services, today announced the Optimizer Crew broadband satellite router with Wi-Fi. Optimizer Crew lets users easily share and control access to a satellite broadband or GSM data service via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. Optimizer Crew replaces standard routers and can help users save money on satellite airtime bills while increasing operational efficiency and providing controlled access to email and the Internet.

"Satellite and GSM airtime costs can add up quickly if a network is left unoptimized. Network managers need to protect themselves against runaway usage, while getting the most out of their valuable satellite airtime. Optimizer Crew does exactly that," said Dr. Luis Soltero, CTO of RedPort Global. "Until now, routers with these features were too expensive or not designed for satellite installations. Optimizer Crew provides everything you need to manage your network and control costs, at a price anyone can afford."

Optimizer Crew provides unlimited firewall, filtering, routing, PIN-code and local GPS repeating. It also works with RedPort Mail service for premium access to accelerated email and web compression service, as well as GPS tracking via RedPort tracking or any GsatTrack-based service. Optimizer Crew users can also access GSM service via an optional GSM modem and their own SIM card. This allows users access to GSM service in areas where it is available at a lower cost than satellite, for example while a marine vessel is in port in its home country.

Included Features and Services: 

Captive Portal for Operations or Crew Internet Access
PIN code service lets you control user access by MB or by time of day

Satellite Connection Control
Turns any IP-based satellite data signal into a Wi-Fi Hotspot or local Ethernet network 

optimizer crew redport pr quoteGSM Connectivity
Customers control GSM by selecting the country and provider for their SIM, allowing access to GSM as needed, while avoiding GSM when roaming in areas where it is more expensive than satellite. 

A powerful firewall accommodates virtually any common installation scenario, with features including block or allow any range of port, IP addresses and protocols. 

Hotspot makes setup and use with compatible computers and tablets easy

GPS Tracking
Works with any GSATrack-based service (including RedPort Tracking), the world’s most widely used satellite GPS tracking service.

NMEA GPS Repeater
Locally broadcast your GPS location via Wi-Fi for access by any NMEA compliant device

Premium Services:

Optimizer Crew runs RedPort Mail, a multi-user version of XGate, the world’s most widely-used independent satellite data optimization service. RedPort Mail works as a full POP and SMTP server to provide complete email integration. It also allows for simple webmail access on a local network, making access quick and easy, and providing for a complete onboard email system, as well other services: 

  • Email – RedPort Mail service offers up to 20 times acceleration versus uncompressed speeds, saving up to 85% on satellite airtime; Crew accounts provide local access.
  • Shared web compression – RedPort Compression uses a web proxy service to provide all users on board with 3-5 times average web acceleration, all transparently. No special software is required, the router simply directs all web traffic through satellite compression servers.
  • Weather – RedPort Mail lets users easily get free GRIB files via email from many online services, showing weather and oceanographic data with their compatible GRIB file viewer.
Compatible Operating Systems: 
  •     Windows 8, XP, Vista and 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions
  •     Apple Macintosh
  •     Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
  •     Google Android smartphones and tablets
Works with all standard satellite broadband equipment including: 
  •     Inmarsat BGAN; Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  •     Iridium OpenPort/ Iridium Pilot
  •     Thuraya IP
  •     VSAT systems
About RedPort Global

RedPort Global, the leader in advancing satellite data speeds and services, helps Fixed and Mobile Satellite Services providers and their customers by offering the industry’s fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use email, web, and other hardware and software services to maritime, oil and gas, first responder and business continuity users. The company’s products include XGate high-speed satellite email, WeatherNet weather and oceanographic data software, and vessel tracking systems. Ship to shore marine satellite solutions are offered as branded or white-label solutions for the world’s premier satellite data service providers. RedPort Global is a Global Marine Networks brand.

For more information on how RedPort Global is Making Airtime Count™ – whether ship to shore, or in remote or emergency communications environments visit

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